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Ad Stouten Autodemontage BV


Ad Stouten BV was founded in 1976 and has grown into the largest car dismantling company in the southwest of the Netherlands. Ad Stouten BV is there for entrepreneurs and individuals and you are always assured of expert service. Ad Stouten BV works with a motivated team and is recognized by the RDW, ARN, STIBA, VbV and meets the KZD** standard.

Ad Stouten BV has access to a site of 4 hectares, where a varying stock of approximately 2,500 cars, motorcycles and scooters and countless parts are housed. Quests are not necessary; everything is stored clearly and can be found quickly and if necessary our employees will be happy to help you. Are you looking for a specific car or part? Call or send us a message and you will know immediately whether we can help you.

New dismantled cars arrive daily. Keep an eye on our website!

Ad Stouten Autodemontage BV


Ad Stouten Autodemontage BV


Sale of damaged cars

We specialize in the sale of damaged passenger cars and commercial vehicles. These are mainly bought from insurance companies and car companies. If necessary, we can also provide the necessary export papers;

Purchase of dismantled and damaged cars

If you want to get rid of your damaged or dismantled car, you can contact us. You will always receive the RDW certificate of indemnity from us and, if necessary, we will arrange the transport of your car from home to our company free of charge;

Delivery of parts

Ad Stouten has a huge stock of parts at its disposal. Quickly findable and attractively priced. Delivery via our counter or online (delivery often within 2 working days). Naturally, all parts are dismantled in an environmentally responsible manner. You can find all our parts in our webshop.

Ad Stouten Autodemontage BV


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Questions about buying or selling damaged cars?

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